Bronx Attorney Aleksander Mici was born and raised in Albania. From a young age his parents instilled in him the desire to fight for a more free and humane world, and lead by this desire, in April of 1991, in his city of birth, Shkoder, along with his high school classmates, organized and took part in a resurrection, to overthrow the tyrannical Stalinist regime that for 45 years, had subjugated its people. He escaped communist Albania in 1991 in search of freedom while the regime was still in power and wreaking havoc upon the population. The Albanian Nation was on the brink of starvation, its people had been deprived of the most basic freedoms for 47 years, the citizenry was beaten down and wrung out by the state security apparatus in its quest to keep the satanic regime alive and protect the Marxist/Socialist utopia that had spawned this evil system, and its Albanian standard bearer, Enver Hoxha.

aleksander miciHaving been left with no option but to risk his existence in search of freedom, Aleksander embarked on a journey that would define the rest of his life, taking to a merchant ship, along with 36 thousand other people in a desperate attempt to reach the shores of Italy to flee the enslavement. The horror witnessed on that vessel bears no comparison to anything he ever witnessed. Tens of people died of thirst, tens of others were robbed and stabbed to death, others were mangled by massive cranes collapsing under the wait of hundreds of people hanging on them. Yet others were thrown to the sharks in the middle of the Adriatic Sea for refusing to fall in line with members of organized gangs who ran the ship. It was a 22-hour journey on a vessel from hell, but it was just the beginning. Four days without food and very little water would end the nightmare at a soccer stadium in Bari, Italy. After this ordeal, he began working menial jobs in agriculture, planting seeds, on endless melon fields in southern Italy, working construction, 12-14 hours a day and many other jobs at the tender age of 15, in order to survive.

Now more than ever, people like Aleksander, who have seen first hand the horrors of socialism, are needed as a shield to the bizarre and destructive wave of the socialist movement that has swept across this land, and has coopted a large number of young sculls full of mush, who believe in a perverted view of social justice and the false promises of equality of outcome. As one the greatest leaders of the 20th century, Winston Churchill, proclaimed at one of his speeches , “Socialism is the Philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of misery.”

The Journey that Aleksander went through is unique, but it is the opportunities that he has been able to find in this country and no where else, that made it possible for him to take part in this journey. And these opportunities and the American way of life as founded, are under a mortal threat from the current socialist cabal led by george soros and other America-hating left wing billionaires. My candidacy for NYC council is precisely my attempt to contribute to the preservation of the American dream that made it possible for me to have these opportunities and to keep alive the flame for millions of people around the world who dream that one day they will be able to reach the Promised Land and improve their lives.